Care Packaged

So, it's Sunday late afternoon, and after a flurry of activity yesterday, today has been pretty slothful.

This isn't me.  But it could be.

We had my sorority sisters over yesterday, which required a quick and intense burst of cleaning.  The good news there is that it means my pals from Maine can come over tomorrow.  And that's a good thing.

I've decided I'm taking them to Taco Mamacita for dinner, and then to the house for dessert and merriment.

I think.  The fact is, Taco Mamacita is walking distance from a gelato place, but truthfully, I want to have them to my house, dammit.

There's a small issue in the living room, though.  Well, first of all, I need to change the bulbs in the ceiling fixture - easy enough.  But the problem is we have chimney swifts.  They're knocking debris into the fireplace, and honestly, they smell a little funky.  And they are loud little fuckers.

But we're legally prohibited by conservation acts to do anything.  So, who knows?

Do I clean out the fireplace and hope they don't stink up the joint between now and tomorrow  night?

Do I bake something and just keep the party in the dining room?

And if I bake... do I take the easy route and doctor up boxed brownies then serve them with coffee ice cream?

Or... do I make a lemon poundcake and serve it with peach or strawberry ice cream?

Oh, Pioneer Woman.  I don't have flour handy.

And why does everything make me cry?  I watched a beer ad that made me tear up just now.

Earlier it was a photo essay of a dog's last day on earth before his owners had to put him down because of a massive inoperable tumor.

So.  Here's what I'm thinking.

Brownies would be way, way easier.  If I did some cinnamon in there, I think it would be a nice compliment to fusion tacos.

But the lemon cake is refreshing and with the fruity ice cream... it would be a nice lovely end to dinner - a palate cleanser.

I'm also thinking I have horrendous PMS.

Realistically, I need to stick with the brownies because I have to do some laundry and cook some supper and probably scrub out the fireplace.

And I also wonder if I'm having hot flashes.

Because I've been overheated and cranky like a bitch.

Fuck it.  I'm doing cinnamon brownies, coffee ice cream, and I think I'll use my good silver and pretty summer china.  Note to self... get some nice white paper napkins.

Wrong aisle.

Now... what am I missing?

Other than a sense of humor.