Phabulous Phoenix

I went to Phoenix this week.  It was warm.  More to the point, it was beyond warm.

I had fun though.

I got to drive a huge pick-up truck.  It was ridonk.

My hotel was crazy nice.  I spent a few hours by the pool.

My customers were also crazy nice, and we ate lunch at a country club on a golf course.  I'm fancy. I ate a turkey/brie wrap.

And then, I saw this:

I'm sure it's Good Witch, but it looks like G.D. Witch to me, and that's hilarious.

As I was leaving the customer's offices, I saw this little fella:

Not so little, I guess.  He was a big handsome bunny.  We stared at each other for awhile, he let me take his portrait here, and I went on my way.  I went and bought a book on birds of North America, Western Edition.

Then I had dinner in a little bistro.  Cheese.  And bread. And some charcuterie.  It was delicious.  And my waiter, Frankie, was very friendly and nice.  I watched a couple to my right on an awkward date.  There were parents and a teen daughter to my left.  The Mom recognized me from somewhere.    Or, thought she did.

I did not order the souffle.  I wanted to.

Then, I drove to the airport and red-eyed to Detroit.

Where I bought myself a little something cute.

The one on the bottom.  It's brass.  For me.  Because I'm brassy.

And then I got on the second plane, came to Nashville and got home.

I showered, then slept.  Had terrible, frustrating dreams - and some trouble falling asleep.  I kept having that falling feeling and would jolt awake.

I got a good three hours.

I woke up, had a healthy lunch and did email for the rest of the afternoon.  It was pretty chill.

Now I'm blogging, working laundry and generally trying to shake it all off to get tomorrow under my belt.

I'm OK, you're OK.