I scream

I'm craving the hell out of ice cream.  Or cake, or a bag of Pepperidge Farm Brussels.

Milanos aren't as good.  Sorry.

I'm trying to get off sugar, and it's not easy.  At all.

It sucks, but I have to do it.

That's not to say I'll never have ice cream again.

Just, not right now.

Right now I will watch the hockey game, and eat some grapes.  That I can do.

Tomorrow, I'm going to WalMart and picking up a curtain for the front room, and possibly a large mirror to go over the mantle.

And I think that may be about it.

Unless you want me to tell you about other cookies I have loved.

Hello, Sweet Thing!

You look good enough to eat.

Can't spell Mallomars without Mmmmmmmm.

I'd better get the grapes.