Hair today, gone tomorrow?

It's time for a haircut.

I got it cut about three months ago, just before the funeral.  But three months is a long time for my hair.  Because, frankly, I have a lot of hair.

Or, do I?

What I've noticed recently is that I seem to be shedding pretty copiously.  I'm seeing some scalp. I looked it up, and apparently, severe stress can cause you to lose hair.  It'll come back, once the stress ends.


So, anyway.  I was at the Farmers Market on Sunday, and I saw this woman with a great haircut, and she seemed to have hair similar to mine in terms of texture, curl, etc.  So I stopped her and asked who does her hair.  I got the name of the stylist, but didn't get the hair owner's name.  But I called the stylist, and tomorrow, 6PM, I'm getting a haircut.  She said she herself has curly hair and has experience with a range of textures and types.

So naturally, I went on Pinterest to see if I could find a few pictures for inspiration:

Which is all well and good, but it's important to remember that what we're starting with is:

Full disclosure - I took this selfie for my girlfriend Connie, whose son had been invited to a Fairies and Gnomes party.  I believe this was my attempt at Troll Face.   Naaaaaaaaiiiiiiled it!

Connie offered to use the pic on the front of the kid's birthday card.  The inside would read "Your Mom's a Whore".  Connie and I share contempt for kids theme parties that put the onus on the attendee.  Which is to say, the attendee's parents.

Look, what I'm trying to say is, I'm not a celebrity.  My hair is thinner than I'm used to, it's too long, and I also need to lose some (a lot of) weight,  I'm not saying a celebrity hairstyle is going fix anything, but it might help me feel a little less overwhelmed.

I'll post pics.  Unless it's a disaster.


Not Vanessa Hudgens*

*I'm not even sure who she is or why she's a celebrity**.  Who's tragically un-hip now?

**Ah, OK she was in High School Musical. Great.  So I want my hair to look like a Disney star's.

 How's this look for a summer, windblown, beachy 'do?


It's a good thing I'm alone in my office, because I brayed like a donkey when I read "Your mom's a whore."

Last time I got my hair cut, I showed my sytlist a picture of Cate Blanchett and said, "Can you make me look like that?" And she replied (and I am not making this up), "Oh, honey, I didn't bring my wand today." Fair enough. But she did nail the hair. :)
ae said…
Yeah, you would love my BFF Connie. She has the unique ability to rebrand crazy as hilarious.