Funny little things...

We get a weekly email from our CEO, which I have lampooned here before.

This line actually came from this week's email:

I think it goes without saying that in addition to our once every other year worldwide employee surveying initiative, the 40+ doors of WHS management team, including mine, are open every day (always figuratively not always literally – please knock) for you to give feedback and express your opinions in a less formal way.      

I laughed.  I appreciate that he had to spell out for us the actual logistics of an open-door policy.

Here's something else that made me laugh this week:

This is an ad I found in the In Flight magazine on Southwest.   It's for a franchise opportunity - a chain of waxing salons called...wait for it... LunchBox.

I'll actually steal a copy of it on my next flight.

Today was Nashville Pride - I went with some friends, and I had a blast.  I didn't take any pictures, but there were tons of cute puppies - many of them dressed better than me.

For dinner I made some killer pasta with a white wine/lemon/chicken spinach/tomato sauce.

And tomorrow is Father's Day.  My fabulous sister-in-law gave me a Red Stripe t-shirt, and I wore it today in memory of Dad.  Then, as I was sitting outside this afternoon, a bird flew over and crapped on it.

If I were looking for a sign that Dad is watching over me... that might be the funniest sign ever.