Avant et Après - avec des images.

So,  I've been busy.

Last night, I got my hair cut.

This is before:

Cousin Itt.

Happy Traveler, Phoenix AZ

Here's after:

A late night, blurry selfie.

Yes, that's right.  SENIOR Training Manager. With a desk and everything. How may I help you?

The pics don't even do the cut justice - it looks amazeballs.  I love it.

Now, the other thing that's been going on is a little competitive swag giving.

When I was in Raleigh last week, I emailed my CAT dealer there and we ended up going to lunch, then spent a few hours working at his office.  He gave me some hats, because I love them.  And because clearly, he loves me. 

Here's me in his hat:

Selfies are awkward.  Nice hotel room, though.

It's a great hat - the other is a CAT hat in camo.  But the dealer brand (Gregory Poole) makes this one extra special.

After I received it, I messaged another of my dealers to tell him he didn't need to bother sending me a hat (like he's promised for the last six months to do) because his competitor one state away gave me the hookup.

I received message back that read, "Check your mail soon".  Bwahahahahahahahaaa!

Well, today...

I got this:

The hat looks good with business attire.  I think I might wear it with shorts going forward.

I sent this pic to my Raleigh guy, and he said he felt used (he was messing with me).  I assured him I like the dealer hat the very best, but you have to admit, I can rock the pink like a champ.

I sent it to the Columbia guy (the one who sent it) and heard nothing.  Maybe he feels used, too.  Good!

The takeaway from all of this, really, is that I'm happy.

And that's good.  Really good.



If it weren't for your amazing new 'do, I would say you should rock the pink cap every damn day forever.