You may want to not read this...

I was thinking this weekend, I wish Dad had written me a letter.  Something with some final instructions, good advice, etc.

But since he didn't, I'll write it for him.  This is the letter I wish he'd written me.

Dear Allie,

I know that you will miss me when I am gone.  We had a good run, and I'm glad for all the time we did have together.  I know that this will be hard on you.  Don't grieve too much.  I'm not in any pain, and as I told you when my mother died, "Life is for the living."

Know that I loved you very much, and I had a lot of fun with you.  You were a good daughter, and I appreciate everything you did for me; especially at the end.  I may not have been able to tell you how much you meant to me, but I know you knew.

I know that you'll take good care of your mother, but I hope that you will learn to take care of yourself.

Try hard to get healthy and stay healthy.  Make that the priority in your life.

I think you should try and get another dog as soon as possible.  I wish I could find you one like I did with Lola, but you're up to the task.  You need a dog.  Take some time off work if you have to and get a dog.

I know that you'll be looking for signs that I'm watching over you - and I don't know that there will be any.  But take comfort in the things we shared and loved together; birds, travel, cooking. I may not be with you in spirit, but let happy memories comfort you.

Your meatloaf was the last real meal that I ate, and it was excellent - you were a good student.  I hope that most of what you learned from me was good and useful. I wish I had taught you more about the mountains, but I think you have the foundation to learn anything that you want.   Let Matt handle the repairs, though - he's just better with that.  It's OK - you try; and that's worth plenty.

Remember that I love you and I believe in you.  Be happy; I want that for you more than anything.


PS - Yes, you're right.  And you know what I'm talking about.