Hold the onions.

So back in February, I went to the doctor because my blood pressure was through the roof.   She put me on drugs, and wanted me to report back to her.

It took about a month to get the meds adjusted, and then the whole Dad thing went down, and with it, my medicinal regimen.

So once I got back to Nashville, I went back to the doctor to fess up, and check in.

She wanted to do blood work.

And that, really, is where it starts.

So, as it happens, my liver enzymes are... not where they should be - they're elevated.  Like, hella elevated.  About three times higher than normal in one case.

We did a re-test to see if that was a fluke.  Nope.

Then we did a second test to see if it was Hepatitis A, B or C.

The correct answer was D, none of the above.  I was advised in the interim to avoid Tylenol and alcohol.  I can't say I was completely compliant in Denver, but I have been good as gold since.

So now, it looks like I'm going to have an ultrasound on my liver.  

I'm fairly certain that I just need to lose some damn weight and it'll take care of itself.  That's not to say I haven't been Googling "liver damage" and trying to play Interwebs Doctor.

I need to stop before I freak myself out.

Which I've already done.

Of course, I still brought in cake this morning.

Mmm, pink and healthy.

BTW - I haven't actually heard from the doctor - I just read the test results on the Patient Portal.

Which should be called the IMpatient Portal.  Well, my funny bone isn't damaged.



I'm terrified of having blood work done, because I'm convinced it will reveal major health issues in me. By the same token, by not having the blood work done, I am keeping those issues from existing. Kudos to you for not being a dumbass like me, is what I'm saying.