Here's the thing...

Well, after a long, productive, sleep-filled weekend, I have two days in the office before I board a plane.  I don't know what to do about that.  It's ridiculous.

I made Matt's colleagues a cake last night - I have the goods to make one for my folks tonight.  I want to see how his was first.  It's a recipe I kind of made up, using box mix and fresh strawberries.

I have no idea when I got this boring.  But damned if I'm not boring.

The president of the Mothership is coming to have a town hall meeting with us this week - I won't be here, but you know my ass is clenched in anticipation.

In other news...

We bought a futon  -  which means I now need to get the living room in shape to house the damn thing.

And, let's see.

I have nothing.  I am so damn boring.

Pittsburgh tomorrow.  Then Seattle next week.

Next month... Raleigh, Phoenix... and points north, south, west and east.