Another story about Dad

Once upon a time, my parents suggested we all spend Christmas 1999 in Jamaica.  Laura and Tom came from California, Dad, Mom and I flew from Atlanta.

We stayed at a private home that was located in a resort, a rather famous one in Jamaica you've probably heard of.

Here's a hint.

So, Christmas day, it's just me, Mom and Dad - Tom and Laura will arrive the next day.  As a Christmas present, Dad pays for me to get my hair braided on the beach.  That night, we realize we have not done anything about supper, so we go to the resort hotel.

Now, at a couples resort, asking for a table for three is going to raise suspicion, but that's how we roll.

We ended up back at the resort for breakfast, and at some point to swim in the pool.

On our third day there, someone from the resort comes down to suss out if there's a family with kids staying in the house because someone said something to that effect.  I'm hiding in the kitchen listening to this.  We've been busted and it's on me.

Later that afternoon, I'm sitting out on the porch with my Dad and I start crying about it.  Not just because I got us busted, but because I'm single and feel unloved and unloveable.

Dad tells me the following, which I have never forgotten:

"Allison you are worth more to us than any free pork chop."

Sometimes I wish I had that recorded as a sound bite.