I have been needing some new bras, recently.  Both my nude and black basic bras were losing underwires, the boning was coming loose, they were all stretched out...  it was time.

So I tried Cacique (the lingerie arm of Lane Bryant) and found their selection lacking.  Also, I wasn't getting the right fit.  Or any customer service.

So Saturday, I headed over to Dillard's. and got the nice lady there to fit me.  Turns out, like every other woman on the planet, I was wearing the wrong size.

When she told me what I "should" be wearing, I thought - there's no way in Hell that's right.

Except it totally was.

And so I bit the bullet and bought three very expensive bras that bring me front and center.  And up high!

Anyway, nothing like three new bras to turn the day around.  One black, one nude, and off the clearance rack, one RED!


So, that started out my weekend just right.

Next up, a trip to California.  I have a customer who needs my training skills, and I need the airline points.  Win/win.

Later, peeps.