Two things

1.  I got a massage after work.  Needed it.  I feel SO. MUCH. BETTER.

She had all her fingers. 

2.  In addition to getting a lead to some Online Therapy (thanks CB), I had a visitor today;  a colleague I really like.  He said two things to me.  One, that he was sorry about my loss, and that two, it gets better. 

I don't know if he just knew I was in town and at my desk, or if I was sending out a high pitched distress call audible only to the bereft, he was there with the words I needed to hear, when I needed to hear them.

This lends to my theory that the Universe is a benevolent vending machine, which like the Rolling Stones, posits - you can't always get what you want.  But if you try sometimes, you just might find - you get what you need.

If you ever come across one of these, buy something - they are AWESOME.

That's all.  For now, anyway.