That long feller could sure write!

Here's a quick story about my parents, turning 40, statutes of limitations and nature.

I was nine when Mom turned 40.  My parents decided to have a big party.  Why?  Why not, am I right?

Anyway, the invitations, the paper goods, even the cake was decorated in a daffodil motif.  So, of course, as flowers went, we'd need daffodils.

My mother's birthday, as I think I've mentioned, is on April 2nd.  And unfortunately, the florists in our area were clean out of daffodils.  It was just too late for them.

What to do, what to do?  Dad didn't want to disappoint his lovely bride.  So, he happened to scope out an entrance to a subdivision near ours that had a bed full of perfect daffodils.  So Dad dropped off his two lovely daughters with the instructions to pick several handfuls while he circled the block.

Which we did.  And we did. 

He drove back around and we jumped in the car with our ill-gotten gain.

And Mom had daffodils for her party.

Now, there are several ways to look at this story.  One is that my father was a real piece of work for putting his two kids out on the curb to steal flowers for a party.

The way I prefer to see it is that we all loved my mother so much that we wanted her to have a nice party and went to slightly questionable, but ultimately harmless lengths to make her birthday special. 

And it was a pretty special party.  The cake was huge and wonderful.  And some friends sent a guy in a gorilla suit to sing a telegram.

And there were daffodils.


PS - It's not like we cleaned out the flowerbed completely, or anything.  And I'm pretty sure that it's too late to press charges... right? 


I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations for grand theft daffodil has long expired. When I turned 40, my coworkers filled my office with black balloons and a tombstone. Your mom's 40th sounds much nicer.