Ross my Kubler, Elisabeth.

So, I'm apparently grieving, but I'm solidly stuck in anger.

Although, I'm not angry about Dad dying.

I'm angry about everything else.

For starters, my company gave everyone a raise of 3% for the year - but our management knocked a percentage point off of that for us, because we underperformed the previous year.

That sucked.

And now we found out, they did it again.  Our bonus was to be paid out at 70%, they're knocking ours down to 63%.  I am livid.

I mean, it's not the money (although it kind of it), it's more the principle - like, how much of his bonus is the CEO turning down?

So, there's that.

The other big frustration at the moment, is that I'm stuck at MDW  - That's Chicago Midway, for those of you who don't live and die by TLAs (3 letter acronyms).

I'm talking out loud, to myself at the airport.  In profane terms.  Which does nobody any good, and makes me look like a prize asshole.  Which I guess I am.

I have an appointment with my doctor Friday.  I'm sure my weight is up and my blood pressure is too.

The Germans have a word for this - Kummerspeck - the weight gained from emotional overeating.  Literally, it means Grief Bacon.

I've got a whole pig's worth of Kummerspeck.

Note the Oily T-Zone

In fact, priority one this weekend is new bras and Spanx.  I need to shrink-wrap the grief bacon into a manageable form.

Priority two is a massage.  A long one.  I have somehow done to my left shoulder the exact same thing I did to my right shoulder in January.  I think I'd benefit from some time on the table.

We all know I need a few hours on the couch, and that's going to be harder to come by.  Masseurs put in overtime on the weekends, but Shrinks don't have to.

I need a therapist who works nights and weekends.  And telepathically.  Or via text.

So, we'll start with new underwear and a deep tissue massage, with add-on moisturizing hair mask.  I mean, really, right?



Suggestion: Try It's an online counseling service. They match you up with a professional counselor, and you can communicate 24/7 via messaging, and many will also do phone calls or Skype. I was matched up with the most amazing counselor who really helped me work through some stuff about my split. I can see where it wouldn't work for everyone, but I think it's a great service.