I'll take it.

So, I have this friend, although I've never met her, so whatever. I think that doesn't preclude us from being friends.

Her name is Chuck Baudelaire.  She has a real name, but as I've never met her, I know her as Chuck, or Esther Blodgett, but really, that's not important.

She writes a blog, and it's pretty funny, so check it out.

Anyhoo, today she posted a Twenty Random Facts blog, an idea she borrowed from another blogger pal.  And I love to plagiarize, so here goes.

1.  I believe that the key to good plagiarism is knowing whether it's good enough to steal.

2.  I borrowed the phrase, "What's in the cats is in the kittens" from a book I read called Among School Children, by Tracy Kidder.  I read it in High School - it's a non-fiction book that follows a year in the life of Mrs. Zajac, a 5th grade teacher in Massachusetts.  It's a great book.  Her husband uses that expression, and so do I.  Relentlessly.

3.  I have been to 34 states.  One I haven't been to is Massachusetts, and it's one of the ones I'd like to see most.

4.  I have no desire to see all 50 States, per se, but I would like to cross them all off the list.

5.  I sometimes start out training sessions with my customers by asking them what their state bird is.  I'm currently in Alaska - where it's the Willow Ptarmigan.

6. I recently found out my nephew and I have the same favorite color; red.

7.  I send my nephew postcards when I travel for work, because I hope that one day when I'm gone, he'll find them and remember, "Man, she really loved me."

8.  I have sent postcards to PostSecret, but none have made the website. One was about finding a job, one was complaining about the job I found.

9.  I am very picky about perfumes, and there are really about one or two that don't make me angry when I smell them.  I'm seriously - funky smelling perfumes literally make me angry.  And it's the funky ones that women marinate in.

10. I'm an aisle seat lover when I travel.

11.  Yesterday, on the 3.5 hour flight from Seattle to Anchorage, I got on the plane to find a guy in my seat.  He offered to let me take his, one row ahead of mine, in the middle.  I said, "Not happening, and nice try."    My tone had to suffice for the implied, "asshole" at the end of the sentence.

12. Occasionally, I want to punch people in the face.  See #11.

13.  I once sent a recruiter at Turner Broadcasting a box of plastic insects with my resume saying, "I don't want to bug you, but...".

14.  I sent the same recruiter a box of fortune cookies with fortunes in them related to hiring me.

15.  I was offered an interview for an  Administrative Assistant gig at Turner several months after the bug and cookie mailings, but by then had a great job with a start-up, and I turned it down.

16.  I made 4 Cs in college - Weather and Climate, Statistics, Econ, and... Creative Writing.  I didn't disclose that last one to my parents for many, many years.  It was my last term of my Senior year, and I slept in most days with my boyfriend, who also took the class.   I was a dumbass.  The rest of my grades were As and Bs.

17.  I really want some botox to remove the "Eleven Lines" between my eyebrows.

18.   I would love to own a red, VW microbus because I so love the song Alice's Restaurant.

19.   I love doing crosswords. They're relaxing.  And I feel like I'm smart when I finish.  Sudoku, on the other hand...  meh.

20.  Sometimes, when I'm bored on a flight, I'll write comments in the Skymall magazine.  Not always relevant to the products.  Sometimes just a comment on how I'm feeling, or who is sitting next to me.


This is the second time I've heard someone mention PostSecret in the last 12 hours, so now I have to check it out. Thanks for the shoutout - I hope you're coping OK with your recent loss, and you know where to find me if you want to vent.