In the middle of the shitstorm, there's often a rainbow.

In my case, the rainbow came in the form of a customized stuffed animal.

Last year, after I lost Lola, I did a halfhearted search online to see about getting a custom stuffed animal made in her likeness.

I stumbled across this website:

Shelter Pups

I sent an email of inquiry, and didn't really hear anything back - so, I forgot about it - until this March, when they responded apologizing that they had gotten really backlogged, and if I was still interested...

Was I?  Is the Pope Catholic?  We'll assume he is for our purposes today.  Although, he's acting much better than his predecessors, so if they told me he was a Secular Humanist I wouldn't blink.

So with no time to waste, I sent in the form and several pictures of Lola.  Then about a week later, they e mailed me that she was done, and I could check her pictures out in their adoption center:


This proved to be an excellent distraction from the other stuff that was going down.

I ordered her right away, and now she's with me.  We're happy to have her.

And no, I have not done research on getting a stuffed replacement Dad.  That's creepy.  Like The Electric Grandmother.



That is absolutely beautiful!