I came to Atlanta for the weekend to spend a little time with my Mom.  In the midst of all the stuff going down with Dad's death, his memorial service, etc., she had her 70th birthday this week.

For her 60th, Dad took her to Paris.  In a fit of great luck and unbelievable generosity, they also took me - to be the translator, errand runner and such.  It was magnifique.

This year, in lieu of taking Mom to Paris, I took her to brunch at Douceur de France - a little cafe near her house. It was delicieux!

Then, we went to the mall.  A great one.  Perimeter.

Nashville doesn't have one good mall - it has 2 OK ones.

Atlanta has two great ones, Perimeter and Lenox.  And an OK one, North Point. 

So, I bought an unplanned dress - it's gorgeous.  I also went to Lush and bought some hippy-dippy bath stuff.

But my real reason for going was to make use of Macy's Clinique Bonus Time.

Now, I don't wear makeup every day. I should, but I don't.

I have a friend who has encouraged me to wear eye shadow, etc. over the years, and I finally gave in.  As it turns out, it looks good on me.

So, given that, and given that much of my wardrobe this year is blue, I got this:

Don't it make my brown eyes blue?

And of course, because it's Bonus Time...

I got this:

The good news is that it doesn't smell bad.  I'm looking at you, Estee Lauder.

The only thing dramatic and or different about this stuff is that it's very damn expensive unless you get it as part of a Bonus.  And it's in EVERY Bonus.

I'll post a pic with my new eyes soon.