Now, we wait.

So, I appear to have my blood pressure under control, maybe.  I had a high read this morning after several low ones - I'm going to get it done at lunch to prove it's not an outlier, and maybe we're where we need to be on that front.

My new higher dose of happy meds seem to be working...

Because I actually feel hopeful and happy.

But tired.  Oh, so tired!

I got in late last night, but still needed to do laundry.  And then I started reading - nothing too important, but I didn't get enough rest, truth be told.

The other night, I had a dream that I remembered the next morning - I was running my hands through my hair to detangle it, or get something out of it like a barrette or something, and I began pulling my hair out in big clumps.

I was tearing my hair out...

If that's not telling, what is?

Apparently, I'm dealing with a little bit of frustration, here.

But, I'm happy.


Got to go to the Rodeo while in Houston - it was a magical night of brahmins, beer, barbecue, busting (mutton) and Brad (Paisley).  I had a great, great time.  I sent our sweet hostess flowers today.

She deserved that and more.

This was dinner:

Potato with cheese, sour cream, green onion, brisket, bacon and BBQ sauce.

 Ooohhh yeah!

Studly spudly.

Tonight hockey with my husband.

Tomorrow night; asleep by 9.