So, on the Facebook, there's a thing circulating called 100 Days of Happiness, wherein for 100 days, you're supposed to take a picture of something that made you happy that day.  And apparently 71% of the people who undertake it wash out citing lack of time.

I actually have this clock in my kitchen.  It makes me VERY happy.

To which I say, "No shit."

Look, I'm happy 365 days a year.  Truly.  Even on the worst days of my life, I can find a reason to be happy.

A few examples:

I had to have a cancerous lump removed from my scalp, which required scalpels, gauze, hair loss and most of all CANCER.  But they got it all, and even though it hurt, and it took a while for the crater they removed to grow back in, I remember two good things from that day - one, the doctoral fellow that was assisting my surgeon was a really, really nice looking man.  And the second one is that Matt and I had lunch at Melrose before we went home, and I had warm, fresh-baked cookies.  I also remember Matt joking with me on the way home.  I was happy.

Lola.  Well, that was a terrible day, the day I had to have her put down, but I was happy that I got to say goodbye and be with her.  So even though I have grieved, I loved first - and that makes me happy.

Even while Dad has been sick, there have been happy moments.  The speech therapist told us we should sing with him to get him vocalizing - because songs are stored in a part of his brain that wasn't affected - so last October, Mom, Laura and I started singing all kind of things.  I jokingly broke into Dixie, and we all sang it with gusto, until we realized how horribly racist it was and then we laughed.  I can still think about that, and no matter how scary it was, I can smile.

I'm happy because I have love, work, shelter, food, clothing, and all the amenities of a good life.

That's not to say I don't have stress, worry, sadness, grief, anger, and every other item on the toppings bar of  the Fro-Yo that is my emotional state.

Here, the sour gummy worms represent happiness.

But I whistle and sing more than I cry and moan.

Why limit yourself to 100 days?  That's less than 1/3 happy. 

Now the picture taking and hash tagging.  That's a pain in the ass.  Just be happy and aware of it - you don't have to track it.