You say you want a resolution?

Great news:  I survived 2013!  I'm not getting t shirts made, or anything, but whew!

So I guess it's time to pony up and talk about 2014.

This year, I'd like to...

1.  Eat better and less.  I think that's a pretty obvious one.  I mean, we know I love food.  If that wasn't clear, please review this post.  But it seems to me it's time to get my shit together, dietarily.

2.  Get moving.  I have a Fitbit that clocks my steps, so it's not like I don't have the data I need to make the changes I need to expend more calories that I take in.

3.  Find a skincare regimen and stick with it.  I've been basically doing nothing with my skin for 39 years.  And it's time for that to change.  I need to start taking care of the carrying case for this carcass.  If anyone has suggestions, I'm listening, but Origins and Aveda are both speaking to me.

4.  Grow my hair long.  I've never really had long hair, so, this year -  let's see what I can do.

5. Plant a forsythia.  And some tea olive, maybe.  I've been wanting both for ages.  I think it's time.  I think I can easily make it happen.

6. Blog more.   And make it more interesting.  There was a lot of omphaloskepsis this past year (that's a fancy Greek way of saying navel gazing).  I think I have plenty to say that's worth hearing.   And plenty to say that isn't, but I'll say anyway.

7.  Sing more.  Lots more.  In the shower, the car, my hotel rooms, with friends, with strangers, in private and in public.  I need to sing daily.  Loudly, if not well.

8.  Get out and be with non-toxic friends.  That one should be fairly straightforward.

9.  Go back and buy that magnet I saw the other night while I was killing time at The Cosmetic Market before dinner with friends.  The one that read:  Don't Be So Hard On Yourself.

Happy 2014, Everybody!