I really should have taken today as a mental health day, because, I'll be honest - I'm not fit for human company.

I came in, and as soon as I hit the door, I remembered I was on deck for a training class this morning - getting a new hire up to speed.  

So I mentioned to my fearless leader that I might exit after that for a little mental health respite.  He said that since my counterpart was out with a tummy ache (my words), he needed me to stick around.

No worries.  As I said, vomiting trumps blah.  That should be cross-stitched on a sampler somewhere.

I gave a good training session, and that was OK.

Then I went to lunch with my friend, Jim, which also felt OK.  I kind of felt foggy-brained, but apparently, I was decent company.

It's after I got back that it all went tango uniform.  My colleagues were all being SUPER LOUD in our area, and I just kept getting more and more agitated.  I went for a little walk around the office, came back to my desk, and wrote a concise email to our IT department begging them to turn up our white noise.

They did.

Then I sent an email to my colleagues letting them know we'd bumped up our white noise and to be mindful of others.

And worked on some e mails, took some phone calls and helped a customer or two with their issues - including one customer who is testing my patience in ways I cannot begin to explain.

And then, apparently, we have people who are committing me to things and not telling me.  I may have just kind of lost my shit on one of the new PMs. Not at her, but in her presence.

I'm a total disaster today.

I feel like shit, and I'm not behaving like the best version of myself.

I'm going to head to Publix and pick up supplies for dinner.

And make another two stops, and then...home.

Where I can be completely awful in the privacy of my home.



You have white noise in your office? You have an IT department? Wow. We have a noisy HVAC system and one overworked IT guy who likes to email me links to websites it's against company rules to visit. I hope the rest of your week gets much better!