Told you so...

Last Friday, I opened a ticket with the IT Department because I kept getting a message on my laptop that the hard drive was about to fail.

And I heard nothing back.

And this morning, my laptop wouldn't boot.

So, suck it.

Now I'm on a loaner, which is annoying for a lot of reasons. 

Granted, I was annoyed to have to tromp down to the IT Department at 8:30 , but in retelling it to my colleague in Maine, he was concerned that I hadn't been more bitchy about it.

So apparently, there's a level I've achieved that people accept as my standard threshold of crank.

Thank you?

No, that's not it...

Hmm.  Anyway.

I decided to schedule a massage for myself tonight.  I've been nursing a sore shoulder and achy neck for a few weeks,  and now that I'm confident it's not shingles (well ok, like 80% confident), I'm going to let someone spend some time working on it.

I skipped lunch so I could leave early.  Well, I ate some soup and crackers al desko.  That's a cute little Sniglet I like to use from time to time.

Of course, the use of the word Sniglet ages me.  Al desko would likely be found today in Urban Dictionary.

Ah, Sniglets - they were so funny. My family and I still use them.

Sniglets had quality control.  And pictures.


We're getting close to the weekend, and my plan is to be super chill.  Get a lot done around the house, but on my own terms.

It's also time to get some healthy groceries in the house.  But I have a feeling that tonight, post-massage, I'll be getting take-out.  Because why wouldn't I?

I'll let you know how the shoulder rub turns out.



I suffer from acute bovilexia myself. Whatever happened to Rich Hall, the Sniglets guy? How come he doesn't make crappy movies like every other ex-SNL comic?