Roe, roe, roe your boat...

I nearly got run out of my lane this morning by a guy in a minivan.  Irony?  He had one of those Choose Life car tags.

I think it's no surprise that I'm pro-choice. That said, I'm grateful I've never had to choose, because I wonder if my mouth writes checks my uterus can't cash.  Thanks to the makers of Mirena, we'll never know.  Thanks, Bayer!

Take the hand, leave the Mirena.

My mother and I were actually talking about that just this weekend.

She was born in 1944, and therefore, came of age around the same time as The Pill.   

I was asking her if she had ever known someone who had a then-illegal abortion.

She told me about a girl in her Nursing School who went to New York with her mother THREE TIMES in THREE YEARS.  If a nursing student can't figure out how not to get preggers, what hope do we have for the rest of the population? 

She told me about a suitemate who had gotten pregnant and miscarried - she said she didn't know about it at the time,  but learned of it years later.

Then she told me she had sort of talked someone out of getting one... and that's a story I'll share.

We'll call the woman Barbara, because that's a pretty common handle for women of Mom's generation, and I don't think there were any actual Barbaras in her class.

Anyway; Mom was a newly-minted nurse - just out of school and living in a cute little apartment in a cute little part of town.  Barbara, who was a classmate of my mother's, found herself in a family way.  She and her boyfriend had some money and planned to take care of it.  And after it was done, she was going to stay with Mom for a few days to get a little TLC.

But, given that it was like 1965, taking care of it went like this;

Barbara and Marvin were told to wait on a certain street corner at a specific time, and a car would pick them up and take them to the double secret location for the procedure.

Only... the car never came.

Barbara went to Mom's place and told her what happened.  Mom said, "Well, I think this happened for a reason.  I think maybe you should just go ahead and get married and have the baby."

Now, I'm sure my mother didn't single-handedly change Barb and Marvin's minds, but they did end up getting married - they were together until he died.  Mom said he turned into an alcoholic in later years, but that for the most part, it was a happy marriage.

So, asshole in a minivan...put that in your tailpipe and choose it.