Letter to Lands' End

Here's the letter I wrote to Lands' End yesterday. Because I'm crazy (and hilarious).
Dear Lands' End,    

First, let me start by saying, I'm a huge fan and have been for years.    Second, let me tell you, I'm plus-sized.  You can probably see where we're going with this.    I love your clothes, and I have money to spend.  And since I'm a bigger woman, I'm technically spending more money per piece than your smaller customers.    

I got your Best Color Trends catalog today, and started drooling over the popovers and Portico side-zip pants on pages 26 and 27.  Then I noticed, I can't get the pants in Intense Rose, or even White, for that matter!  Well, bummer - but sadly, that's pretty common with y'all.  Apparently, you don't think we big girls want the wild colors -   some of us kind of do .   Then I notice that of the colors we can get, they're actually not side zip in our size.  So... the Portico Side-Zip is something of a misnomer in this case. More like Portico Size-Zip, except for you, chubby.

Tell me I don't need these bad boys.

I mean, no offense, but I can get front zip "tummy control" pants in blue, khaki and black from lots of places.      Your clothes are great, they are well made, and I look good in them, but allow me to state for the record, I want more or less the same things that you offer in Misses sizes.   I'm willing to let the lack of side-zips go, but not giving me awesome hot pink pants?  That just hurts, Lands' End.    The popovers are gorgeous though - I'll probably get at least two of them.  I have to have something to replace last summer's ballet neck popover - the gorgeous navy and white pattern, you know the one.

Thanks for listening.    

Nashville, TN

Here's what they wrote back, because they're fabulous:

Dear Allison,

Thank you for your message to Lands' End regarding the styles and colors of clothing we currently offer in our Plus Size Collection.

We appreciate your interest and that you took the time to write us. We understand your concern and also your disappointment in our offerings in our new Spring Catalog.  Your comments will be forwarded to our buyers for further review and future consideration.

Thank you for being a loyal customer these past years. We also appreciate your comments about enjoying our great quality.

Please feel free to contact us any time you have additional comments. We value your feedback.


Diane S.
Online Customer Care