I bet I think this song is about me, don't I?

So, remember how I was going to start a skincare regimen as part my my New Year's resolutions?

I went and got a line of Neutrogena products to get started.  I like their stuff, and I think it works and the prices are solid.

So, I started on that this weekend.

But, I had a drugstore hydrating mask in my bathroom, and given how cold it's been and is going to be, I thought - heck, I'll give that a shot.

And I did.

But apparently, my face took exception, to wit:

Aaaaaagh!  Turn it off, turn it off!
So that's fun.

I picked up some Benadryl cream on the way into the office, and thankfully, because of the weather, there aren't too many folks here to witness my busted face.

Meanwhile, I'll lay off the cheapo skincare quick fixes.

I sent a copy of the above pic to my BFF Connie - she replied, "...for what it's worth, you look incredibly hydrated."

She has a point.