Eye see.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

So, the whole puffy eye thing has been lingering a little, and this morning, I woke up to find my left eye (OS, in medspeak) was red and bloodshot.

Now, that's attractive!

It's allergies, I think.

But I don't know to what.

We had a new girl start last week, literally, a week ago yesterday.  And I started sneezing violently that whole day.  I chalked it up to the possibility that I'm allergic to her.  What's to say I'm not?

She also wears a charm bracelet with lots and lots of stuff on it.  Which she drags across her desk and it jangles and scrapes constantly.

She also has a Motown Hairdo:

Ergo, I have given her a (private) nickname of Jingles Supreme.

Which amuses me greatly.

Even if she does give me conjunctivitis.

Stop, in the name of love.