Daytime TV; Teacher, Mother..Secret Lover

So, this seems an appropriate follow-up to the fact that I didn't want to go to Weight Watchers today. Let it be said, I'm up a pound but found it very helpful, and my leader is growing on me.

Anyway, Monday afternoon, I had to go to my doctor's office for a recheck; which under normal circumstances should have taken five minutes.

But for reasons that were never explained, I waited an hour and ten minutes before getting called back.

Which is to say, before throwing a fit, getting pissy and then getting called back.

The waiting room had a TV, and Dr. Oz was on.  Now, I don't know much about the guy, except he's one of those people who boarded the Oprah Gravy Train and didn't look back.  See also, Gayle, Dr. Phil.  And more power to him.  I'm sure he's not evil incarnate, but I'm not going to make him my primary care provider.  I would, however, allow Dr. Sanjay Gupta full access to my medical records.

Quick tangent - my mother (an RN), shortly before her retirement, did a stint at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, where Dr. Gupta practices.  One afternoon, I got an excited call from her telling me she had just met Sanjay.  She told him to say hello to Anderson.  My mother is a CNN junkie.

News you can use.
So,  anyway, Dr. Oz was going on about ground pumpkin seeds as a sleep aid, and ginger tea for upset stomachs.

Then, he had a nutritionist on.  They talked about your favorite snacks at the movies and what they said about your snack styles.

Candy lovers are chewers.  Popcorn people are crunchers.  If you pick ice cream, you're a smoosher.

And she went on to offer healthy options for each type of snacker.

I didn't think much of it at the time, but now, several days later, it occurs to me... I'm a smoosher!

Well, duh!  I love mashed potatoes, grits, pasta, pudding, guacamole, cookie dough, frosting, nutella, peanut butter, bananas... I love that soft mouth-feel.

I hate to admit I came away from Dr. Oz with something useful, but I did.  I need to apply this useful information (and not bring cookie dough into my home).

That said, I have a few ripe bananas and a good jar of Peter Pan... maybe at second intermission of the Redwings/Blackhawks game.



I'm a cruncher. Also, I find Dr. Oz very creepy. I'm glad I was able to benefit from his advice without actually having to look at him. Thanks!