As it turns out.

This time yesterday, I had knots in my stomach because I had customers coming onsite for a two-day data clean-up, training combo.

I'm a frayed knot.

I was feeling the pressure of having to be 'on' two days in a row, and to be honest, I wasn't excited about it.  Or about having to get dressed up for a day at work.  Or starting the sessions at 8:30.

And I was preparing for bed, I checked my phone.  My boss, who is in town this week messaged me from the bar at his hotel. He told me he was sitting next to my customers.  He had just met them, completely coincidentally, and they were all drinking together.  He told me they were awesome and I'd love them. Oh, and by the way, they didn't want to start til 9AM.

I know a half hour seems minor, but it makes a huge difference.

I immediately felt better.

And guess what, it was a great day.  The customers were a hoot.  We did some training, and I think I'll be making a huge difference in their day to day workload.

It felt great.  Tomorrow is going to be another good day.  When they leave, they'll be all set for success.

Why was I so worried?  Who knows.  It's what I do.  I live on a constant roller coaster of dread and relief.

I took them to lunch at Bishop's for Meat and Three.  I can't let someone from Canada leave Nashville without experiencing Meat and Three (meat and three sides, a blue plate special).

Here's the meat.  Wait for the three.

They loved it - they want to go again tomorrow.

So, now, I'm dreading a few thing that are coming up:

1. The departmental summit next week.

2. My trip to Austin

3. A possible trip to Dallas

4. A trip to Houston

It's going to be a Texas year.  I can feel it.

I am looking forward to Denver in May - but a lot can happen in four months.  I'll stress and rejoice a lot before then.