Yule Blog

So, Christmas 2013 is in the books.

It was a good one, and all things said and done, we had a good time.

My anxiety was just all over the place, and I felt hormonal, crazy and agitated.

That said, I gave some good presents.

I'm proudest of this gem, which I gave Dad:

It's a flip book that makes up words like "titjacket", and "whorepincher" and "clitwrangler".

It engages both the fine motor skills required to flip through the pages and the language skills required to use the newly created words.  I think the therapists at rehab will be most pleased at my thoughtfulness.

Seriously, though, speech therapist - if I ask you for suggestions and you just blow me off?  I'm going to have to go rogue.

There were a few other great gifts.  A pocket knife for Matt, some Eiffel Tower lip gloss for Mom, and for me... Vitabath.

I love Vitabath:

 It smells clean and fresh and citrusy and herbal and I love it.

Basically, it was a great holiday, and I loved it.

I'm ready for whatever 2014 has to bring.

Tomorrow, and through the end of the year, I will be doing my typical end-of-year wrap up posts.

Stay tuned!

And merry, merry!