This is my space.

I'm back from a long week in Alaska, and trying to get things under control, more or less.

We moved into our new building and my take, thus far is that it's hot, dry and sterile.

Desert-like in "soothing neutral tones".  Frankly, it leaves me a little unhinged.

That might just be jetlag, though.

I pulled a quadrifecta of errands at lunch today - paid the mortgage, stopped to buy a card at Walgreen's, mailed two packages at Goin' Postal, then... Jamaicaway.  They opened yesterday.  I got a pattie:

I'm tired, and I have miles to go before I sleep.

I need to finish Christmas/Birthday shopping, then wrap.  And do laundry.

And cook.

And get to Atlanta.

On top of the rest of this work week.