Take me to your leader...

I went back to Weight Watchers this week for the first time in ages.  Three months, to be exact.

And as will happen, things have changed.

My weight, well, duh  - has gone up.  More's the pity.  I'll bring it back down to where I need it.

But more importantly, my leader, Alice, whose sweaters I have reviewed at length in blogs past, has retired.

The feeling we get is that she was forced out, but who knows.  I tried emailing her, but it bounced back to me. I need to find a way to contact her.

Our new leader, who I'll call Violet (totally not her real name), showed up for her first meeting this week, and I was in her inaugural class, along with Karen, and Sharon, Christy and...a woman whose name I know not.  It was a small meeting.

So, here's what Violet wore:

Leopard print ankle pants,with gold zippers at odd angles, bisecting her hip bones.  A black sweater with an odd asymmetrical collar, affixed with a gold circle monogram pin.  On her feet, a pair of cigar slippers, black - velveteen, adorned with scarab beetles.

To top it all off - a lot of purple eye makeup.  Hence, Violet.

It was a lot of look.  A lot.

So.  She's lost 201 pounds and kept it off.

She seems like good people.

I'm not totally feeling it, but we'll get there.  I mean, to be honest - it's not like I'm getting to meetings that often.



Welcome, Violet.