Thursday and Friday I took vacation from work, and I was home with nowhere to be.  I had plans.  Big plans, dammit.  Of going to the Y, doing a ton of laundry, kicking a path through the crap in our dining room.

And then, Christmas - Wednesday night, after we got home, I started feeling bad.  The inside of my nose felt hot, my sinuses started draining.

I woke up on the 26th with a tongue of sandpaper, throat swollen and zero energy.

It was like an invisible hand smooshing my face back into the pillow, saying, "Old girl, you aren't going anywhere."

And with the exception of a brief foray out for some groceries, I didn't.

I spent two days kicking back in my pajamas, watching crap TV and making soup.

Today, I went out to lunch with Matt, then made a quick jaunt to Home Depot and Trader Joe's.  That required a restorative afternoon nap.

I feel a little better - my tongue is still raw, my throat hurts a little and my ears feel "full" - typical sinus crap.  The usual.

I'm going to call it a mixed blessing.  I wish I had gotten a lot done, but at least I wasn't sick while we were with Mom and Dad - giving Dad even a hint of crud would suck.

But more to the point, I think that I needed a few lazy days to recover and get rested, no excuses.

I can't complain.

And I'm definitely rested.  Ready get back to work, even.

Well, kinda.