How is that even possible?

So, I was going to put out a list of trips I've taken this year, and can you believe this?  I took the exact same number of trips this year as I did last year.

How is that possible?

Well it is, so here's the 2013 Travelogue:

Mayfield Heights, OH
Hebron, OH
Oakville, ONT
Newark/Jersey City, NJ
Springfield, VA
Las Vegas, NV
Henderson, NV
Russellville, KY
Chicago, IL
Elmont, OH
Sheboygan, WI
Seattle, WA
Henderson, NV
Chicago, IL
Odessa, TX
Peoria, IL
Houston, TX
Sheboygan, WI
Odessa, TX
Monroe, LA
Anchorage, AK

So, let's have a little best and worst, shall we?

Best trip:  September in Chicago, IL - the NSC Tradeshow.  Flew in on Sunday and did the touristy/shopping thing.  Had tea at the Drake with our tradeshow coordinator, Sandy.  Lots of great meals with great people.  Lots of fun on the tradeshow floor and just a great time all around.  Plus, the weather was insane and amazing, and Michigan Avenue was beautifully decked out for my arrival.

Worst trip:  Hebron, OH in January.  It was cold, the customer hated us and yelled at us.  I think they may have tried to sue us later.  Also, I got a speeding ticket.  On the plus side, there was a trip to the Schmidt Haus complete with sausage to bring home.

Worst Hotel:  The LVH, Las Vegas, NV.  Nicknamed by one of my colleauges, "The Stabbin' Cabin".  It was gross.  It was really, really nasty.   But nobody died.  I did end up with a cold and jock itch, but I don't think the hotel was to blame.

Best Hotel:  The Hyatt, Jersey City.  CAT Conference.  Nice hotel, and they had their own beehive with  extremely local honey.  They also had Aquafresh toothpaste in their toiletry lineup, and I switched my brand to it, based on that trip.

Favorite Meal:  Pretty much all of them.

Orichiette Bolognese - Sheboygan, WI

Crawfish Shirley - Monroe, LA

Deconstructed Crab Salad - Seattle, WA
Jamaican Patty - Newark, NJ

Not-So-Cheap-Dates - Wasilla, AK

Shrimp Po-Boy - Monroe, LA
Warm Spiced Olives - Chicago, IL

Pasta La Scarola - Chicago, IL

Roast Beef on Kummelweck - Buffalo, NY

Schmidt Haus Dessert Counter - Columbus, OH

Oysters on the half shell - Balitimore, MD

Dessert Counter at Caesar's Palace - Las Vegas, NV

 I'd give special mad props to the Roastbeef on Weck (kummelweck - a kaiser roll with caraway and Kosher salt on top) from Schwabl's in Buffalo.

O'Finn's Irish Temper pub in Oakville, ONT was equally special - a lamb burger there.

Basically, I didn't eat a bad meal.  Lots of pasta, as it happens.  Maybe less of that in 2014.

I saw Niagara Falls, several Great Lakes and a dozen moose.

I crossed one new state off my list - Wisconsin.  

I made lots of friends and have a good time.

And I start again in 2014.

Safe travels!