Christmas Cranktacular

I'm so freaking cranky!

I don't know if it's hormones, or fatigue, or poor eating habits, or just bad juju, but I'm not quite myself.

Tonight I'm meeting friends for a little pre-Christmas merry, merry - and I'm so Grinchy, I'd just as soon crawl under my bed and eat a peanut butter sandwich.

I do love a good peanut butter sandwich.

I have a few more presents to buy, and I'm fat and none of my clothes look good.  I look pretty terrible irrespective of clothes.

Puffyfaced, dried out skin...

I still need to pick up two things for Christmas for Matt.

And figure out a birthday present for Dad.

And wrap it all.

And get it to Atlanta and under a tree.

Or, well, to the den, anyway.

I need to maybe not eat so much sugar and salt.  I also need to drink plenty of water and flush my system.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol.

Clean living, basically.


Or, I could shove it all down with some Rotel dip and press on.



I vote Rotel.

It might make you smile to know that one of your "prove you're not a robot" terms today is "selftit." It made me smile, anyway.

Don't let Christmas make you feel as if you're anything less than fabulous!
ae said…
All the world loves a self tit.