Six of one... a dozen of the other.

So there's this "thing" going on over on Facebook.  Is it a meme?  I guess - who can keep up with the kids and their fancy slang these days.

Anyhoo - someone assigns you a number and you post with that many things about you that most people don't know.

I got 12 today.  They're on Facebook.  Go have a look if you want. 

I'm going to split the difference and share with you a half dozen that are not for the masses:

1. I am worried that I'll have to continue to travel so much that I'll never get another dog.  I'm not ready, but I know I want one...eventually.

2. People have more power to hurt my feelings that they ever know, and I end up getting my feelings hurt a lot.

3. I would love to be really, knockout, drop-dead pretty just for one day to see what it feels like.

4. I would like to be a man for just one day to get to pee standing up (and to jerk off, to be completely honest).

5. I have no idea what Thanksgiving is going to be like this year.  I only know that Dad won't be home to make gravy - which we don't need anyway - and that his gravy is the main thing I love about that meal.  It's the one thing I've never made, even the years that I hosted.  I let Dad handle that for me.

6. I have fantasies of sending myself flowers to the office with a cryptic card all the damn time.  Something like..."Thanks for everything - you were amazing".