Peoria at Dusk

I'm sitting at the airport in Peoria - and I would like to apologize for all the badmouthing I've done of this airport over the past two years.  They completely redid the places and it's super cute.  I'm sitting in an armchair with a tiny little desktop on it, and I just downed a nice Alka Seltzer cocktail as I watched the sunset.

Good trip, great customers.

The travel is starting to wear on me a little - I'm sure the Atlanta runs haven't helped that feeling - and we're heading down again this weekend.

I'm watching a flight full of people who got delayed deal with their problem - I can't help but wonder if I'll be flying with some of them to Chicago.

I'm contemplating getting a sandwich here.  The little bar/snack shoppe in the terminal doesn't look half bad.  Add to that, my flight has been delayed slightly, so I betcha I won't have a chance to get dinner at O'Hare.  More's the pity, they actually have good restaurants there.

I had Gumbo for lunch (hence my Alka Seltzer cocktail), and now I'd like a nap.

Aaand, yep - looks like the plane full of people to my left aren't going anywhere - their plane has a leak.


I'm going to grab a sandwich, chill out and wait for my delayed flight.

It's all good.