How does one say?

I remember a fall afternoon of my senior year of High School, in French class, when I learned one of those critical pieces of vocab that stuck with me.

We were being asked by Madame Fritz to say a few sentences about ourselves; what we planned to do for the weekend, what we thought, what we felt.  Whatever.

Someone, I think a gal named Michelle, asked, "Comment dit-on 'I'm overwhelmed' en français?"  Translation:  How does one say "I'm overwhelmed" in French?

Je suis accablée.

And we used the hell out of that expression for the rest of the year.

Because, as over-privileged middle class suburban teens, we knew so much about being overwhelmed.

Here's the thing.  In our small area of life experience, I'm sure we did feel overwhelmed. 

I asked Mom once, about 15 years ago if life gets easier as you get older.  She said no.  No, but you get better prepared to handle it.

I think back to that time, and I'm sure that age 18, I felt overwhelmed. 

But I'd like to shake that kid by the shoulders and say, "Listen, skinny bitch!  You think you're accablée, now?  Give it twenty one years."

Of course, 21 years from now, I can see my 60 year old self shaking my 39 year old self and saying, "Suck it up, chubby - I'll show you accablée!"

So there's that.

Also, I just found out my flight was delayed.  SO OVERWHELMING!