Last night, I had a bad travel night. 

They happen.  About once a year or so, I'm reminded of weird shit that can happen when you travel.

Last night, I missed a connection because they gave away our gate and we sat on the runway interminably.

And I heard them paging me for my other flight as I left the plane - I had four minutes, it said, to get from C3 to F14.

It didn't happen.

I tried to get a gate agent to help me.  She shushed me while she finished a text and told me I was screwed.

I told her the "Customer Service" on her badge was a misnomer  and stormed off.

I ended up getting a room in Chicago overnight.  I attempted to get my bag, but apparently, even though I couldn't make the flight, my bag did.

They gave me a brown paper bag filled with toiletries and sent me on my way.

I washed my underwear, at the hotel, took a hot shower and went to bed.

I got maybe 5 hours sleep.  I slept fitfully and woke up a few times.  I ended up getting to the airport way early and had a quick breakfast.

They changed our gate 5 times, and finally we got on the plane.

I got here, got my bag, got my rental car (a Yaris), and drove it to a corner of the parking lot to change into business attire.  Because that, my friends, is how I roll.

I was only 15 minutes late, which I knew I would be, and I had warned the customer.

So, it was a good session, and I go back for more tomorrow at 10AM.

Go, me!