Call a Waaaaahmbulance.

So, from time to time, I feel a little sorry for myself.

Or, you know - a lot sorry for myself.

I really, honestly do try to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude (or, PMA) as much as I can.

But I'm feeling a little run down today - didn't get enough sleep, feeling a little overwhelmed with work and a lot run down.

And I sent a note of encouragement to a colleague who appeared to be having a rough day, and I thought...motherfucker - where is my cheerleading section when I need it?

Well, the fact is, I have one - I'm just not good at acknowledging their cheers because I feel I don't deserve them.

And yet, I'm bitter because I don't feel appreciated...

Confused?  You won't be after this episode of... Soap.

 I frankly love this show.  A lot.

Anyway.  I'm just feeling kind of blech.  In part because I ate too much lunch, in part because I hate the way I look, and in part because I just do.

This too sha  (I was in the middle of typing, this too shall pass, when I was interrupted.)

So, as I was typing this, two of my girlfriends came over and I started kind of venting to them and lo, and behold!  I started feeling better.

And then, one of my favorite customers called.  During the call, he said, "I know I don't tell you this enough, but I really appreciate everything you do for me."



OK, maybe people do appreciate me, after all.

Maybe I need to listen better.