It was kind of a fast paced weekend.  I took Friday off for a mani/pedi, and to wait at home for the alarm system guy.  I picked the spouse up at his office around 5:30, and we were off.
Saturday, we had bagels, Matt got a haircut and we chilled out at the parents' house til it was time to go to my reunion.

I was having some stress about seeing all these people and as it turned out, the people I was happiest to see are people I see from time to time anyway.

Folks from the neighborhood.

Jim is one month and twenty days my senior.  We lived across the street from one another from birth til college.

There were a ton of people there I sort of knew and it was nice to see them, and a few people I was excited to see - but lots of people I had wanted to see weren't there. Like the people from French class, the OMers, and the AP Euro crew - two of us showed and we spent a lot of the night talking.

It was...


I'm glad I went, I'm glad I saw people I liked, and there was no drama - nobody called me 'fro head or porky, or made fun of me for...anything.

I survived it, and it was fine.

Meh.  Not bad, not amazing.

And so we stayed for a bit, then hit up Waffle House, then came home and spent time with my parents.