Food Talk

Just because I am trying to watch what I eat doesn't mean I don't still eat.

Let me tell you a little about dinner last night.

If you're ever in Henderson, NV - you owe it to yourself to have a meal at Lindo Michoacan.

First of all, they make their own tortillas, and they're yummy.

Second, they put chips on your table, presumably made from the same aforementioned tortillas.  And with those chips, a bowl of salsa that is en fuego, and a bowl of frijoles refritos.  Beans are good for the heart.  I'll leave it at that.

Their menu is vast, but not inappropriately so.  What I mean is that they do a lot of things, but they're all of a type.  Ever been to a place that does breakfast, and Italian, and sushi and meat and three?  Chances are two things: one, they have a huge refrigerated case of pretty looking, lame tasting cakes on slow spin, and two - they probably have an identity crisis.

Anyway Lindo Michoacan understands that they're a Mexican joint and menus accordingly.

Now, for dinner, I had the same thing as I did the time I went for lunch.

Ensalada Marinera - an avocado, shrimp salad served in the hollowed out shells of the aforementioned avocado.  Lots of cilantro, lime, garlic and tomato.  A little jalapeno.

It's just... perfect.

So, that, two hot, fresh tortillas.

Add an iced tea and you have a healthy, delicious meal.

For about $12.

So yeah.

I would be willing to go back just for that.  No kidding.



Freshly made tortillas are one of life's gifts. I don't dig avocados, but I love little Mexican joints that know how to throw it down.