Fit is it.

So, I'm loving my new FitBit.

It sounds dumb, but actually seeing on a screen the number of calories I consume and the number I burn is a great way of motivating me to eat less and move more.

Now, today, I slept in.  Way, way in.

And that's OK - because clearly I needed it.  I also made up for skipping breakfast with a more robust lunch from Koi Thai.

But I didn't eat the rice...I did eat the spring rolls.  It's about choices.

I think I'll lose this week, but even if I don't, I'm learning.  I'm not in denial and I'm not going through life blindly.

And that's what it's all about, isn't it?

In the meanwhile...

My dear friend Connie had her baby.  Reese (short for Teresa).  Now, when her son was born, they gave him the middle name Danger.  Reese's middle name?  Daring.

You have to love that.

Connie told me she was having a baby the day I called to tell her I'd just put Lola down.

I couldn't have been happier for her then, and I'm thrilled for her now.

And Lola isn't suffering, isn't in pain. 

And really, neither am I.

Though I do look at dogs with a certain amount of covetousness and lust these days.

Ah, well - too  much travel for a dog at the moment.

Las Vegas starting Monday.  Then some assorted trips to Kentucky and Ohio before a week and a half in The Windy City.

October?  May be time to take a vacation.

And to celebrate turning 39.

And for loving myself, warts and all.