My trip to Las Vegas was, for the most part, amazing.

I'll get the bad parts out of the way - sinus problems with a cough and earache.  A very scummy hotel and the room was narsty.

Dehydration, with mangled feet and cankles from too much booth time.

The rest of it was amazing.

It's a city with plenty going on.  I ate great food, saw customers, made contacts, had fun with my colleagues and had a few moments of extreme wonderful.

The first instance of extreme wonderful came with a last minute invitation to see a Cirque du Soleil show.  KA.  Sadly, KA made the news a few days later after a performer fell and died.

Me at KA, pre-show and overheated.

Here's what I can tell you about that.  From what I saw, the precautions taken to keep their performers safe and well were impressive - no shortcuts.  And the performers were skilled and completely engaged.  It's a tragic mishap, and I fully believe that the people at Cirque will do whatever it takes from preventing further incidents like this one.

I will tell you, though - it was one of the most beautiful, stunning events I've ever been privy to.  I am honored to have had the chance to see it.

Now, the other jaw-dropper was my tour at Zappos.  I'm going to do a special write up just for that.  It deserves it.

Spoiler alert, though....