Gnu and unusual

Let's see.  What can I tell you?

1.  I have blueberries in the fridge and I'm contemplating throwing them in the bran muffin mix I bought at Kroger to make blueberry bran muffins.  I'm not saying I'm ready to make that commitment, but if I were, I'd do it.

2. I got myself a box of crayons at WalMart this afternoon a Crayola 48 box.  For my office.  Because when I leave town, I like to put a sign on my desk.  Sometimes, even if I don't leave town, I like to leave a sign on my desk.

OHM is a software.  Ponying is when we mess with someone who left their computer unlocked.  I think my pony looks like a black Michael Jackson.  Just saying.
3.  I still love Draw Something.  I know that makes me late to the game, but what other phone app allows you to do this:

Yes, it does look like a big, black cock.  And nothing like Michael Jackson.

4.  I might actually be doing a little more travel in the coming weeks/months.  They've decided to teach me how to train on another software.  This is nothing but great, and although I'm terrified, I'm also excited.

5. Do you know what this means:

No?  How about this, then?

If you guessed it means I don't weed my pepper garden very well, you're right.  However, the correct answer is - it's PEPPER JELLY TIME!  BOOM!  I'm thinking this weekend is the time.

6.  I need to get my hair done.  And by done, I mean colored.  My 20 year reunion is coming soon, and let's be honest - that whole lose 60 pounds didn't really happen, so I'm going to camouflage my weight with decent hair.  Yeaaaah, that'll fool everyone.

7. Today was my last day of antibiotics.  Monday I get on a plane for Las Vegas.  I'm kind of hoping my ear busts open and goo pours out of it.  Remember the ectoplasm from Ghostbusters?  That, that's what I think is in my ear canal. 

8. Matt's birthday is Friday and I have no idea what to do about that. 

9. I wrote the following on Facebook yesterday:

"So, after a brief sabbatical from Zumba, I returned last night to find my instructor wearing Harem Pants (aka Hammer Pants, aka Doo Doo Pants). I spent the first two minutes of class naively thinking she was just a victim of failed Spandex, but then I realized the severely dropped crotch was intentional. I then spent the remaining 58 minutes of class wondering if her ensemble was vintage, or if somebody out there thought it was such an alluring look that it needed a revival. I also worked out, because I'm one hell of a multi-tasker."

10.  Matt just mentioned he'd like to go see Bobcat Goldthwait for his birthday.  So that's easy.

Hang on Sloopy.  Sloopy, hang on.