Like father, like daughter.

Tomorrow is Father's Day.  I've done nothing.

Nothing.  Well, I did buy a card, but I didn't send it.

And for reasons I can't really go into without spilling everything in my overflowing handbag of crazy out onto the table and sifting through each and every gum wrapper, half-used lipstick and key to an apartment I no longer inhabit, that's just going to have to be OK.

For now.

I love my father.  I do.  But he has the ability to push buttons that nobody else even has access to.  

Today, he mashed the hell out of one without even knowing.

And yes, he's sick, and scared and angry - and I know his behavior is a result of those things.

So, I'll take a deep breath, reset that particular button and keep going.

Because I love the man, and he was right, and we both know it - even if he doesn't know that I know it.


Kate Smith

PS - It might have had something to do with my weight...

PPS - Ok, it definitely did.

PPPS - I miss my dog.