Bob, bob bobbin' a long

So, we have a new houseguest.

Turdus Migratorius.  The American Robin.

Here's a bad picture, but she gets pissy if I try to get closer:

So, Friday night, I updated her status and mine on Facebook:

For the third time in four years. A robin has taken up residence in the eaves of our front porch. This one is very vocal every time I enter or leave my home. And I'm all, "Bitch, I pay the mortgage!" And she's all, "Bitch, please! I built this with my feet and mouth and I *still* gotta lay eggs." I think we're at a stalemate.

So, yeah - I'm kind of hilarious.  You may recall from past years, we always scare off the robin before she manages to lay eggs and have her little robinlets.

I have hope this year.