Bar None

I fly a fair amount for work.  Yesterday, I was in a TSA line near an Orthodox Jewish man wearing a yarmulke.  I was dying to know if they made him remove his lid.  I mean, we're in the deep south - do they know that's bad juju?

I never found out - two lines diverged in yellow terminal - and I took the one less populated by elderly and slow people - and that made all the difference.

To paraphrase Mr. Frost.

Anyway, once I got to the terminal, I saw another figure of interest.

I'm not superstitious, but...

Flying Nun? Sister Bertrille, is that you??

The Lord would be a real jerk to smite a flight with a nun on it.  I also love seeing a plane full of orphans.  Makes up for my rotten Karma.

I was trying to be all stealth taking this pic.  My colleague asked what I was taking a picture of.  I answered, "Noneya."  

As in, "None ya damn bidness."

Because I'm hi-larious, dammit.

I sent the image to a friend who said, "Nice Penguin."

I love that my friends say the things that pop into my head.