I'm in Las Vegas.  I'll spare you the assload of pics I've taken because they're either of food, of me (and unflattering), or they were taken for my amusement.

It's been good.  I think there's a chance I'll get asked to come again because I'm such a stellar team player and just fun to have around - plus, I know my products.


The downside to all the fun and games is that I'm sick as a DOG.  I have a cold.  I also have what appears to be jock itch, or whatever the female version of that would be.  Thong Rot?  My feet look like raw hamburger.  My ability to walk is somewhat impaired.  But I can get a cab like you wouldn't believe.

I'm eating poorly.  Very, very poorly.  I ate 2 meals yesterday.  In N Out Burger... both meals.  Today I ate a decent breakfast, and around 2PM, an ice cream sandwich.  Dinner to follow at a place called STK.  They have steak.  Really.

No exercise, not enough sleep.  Weird jet-lag issues. 


So behind on email and timesheets at work...

I'm unbalanced.

For reals.