Young at face, if not heart

I have a zit.  It's the kind that lurks under your skin and hurts like hell. It's in kind of a weird spot -  or not - it's near my nose.  Not exactly cheek, but kind of.

Anyway.  It brings to the forefront the fact that my skin, and to a lesser extent, my hair, are on a strict regimen of neglect.

It's time to get a skincare routine.  I know this.  I do.

But who to use, and what?  I mean, I don't inherently trust the Clinique people to have my best interest - they're making a buck - same with Origins, Aveda, Kiehl's... and yet, I suspect I need something a little more than I can find at Walgreen's.

Plus, I need guidance.

Just puree this and rub it on your face, nightly.

So, that's on my list of things that need doing.

That, and a trip to IKEA, and cleaning out the attic and taking a floppity-jillion boxes to the recycling center, and getting to the dentist and whatnot.

IKEA Risor.  I must have it.

I also need to start eating better and exercising.

One might note that eating right might help my skin, and duly noted.  But I feel certain that this is PMS related, if we're being perfectly frank.

And I'm nothing if not frank.