With Six, You Get Eggrolls...

I celebrate myself, and sing myself…

Today is my sixth anniversary at my job.

Most days, I love my job.  Today, I found myself sending out two very barbed e mails before 8:30 AM.  One of them came back and bit me squarely on the ass.

I was telling a sales guy he needed to extricate himself from a process in a really snarky way, and he forwarded the snarky e mail to a customer.  Really, dumbass?  REALLY?  This guy is dumber than a box of hair.

But, apparently, I never learn.

Snark-o-grams aside, it's been a good six years.  And OK, I get frustrated.  But it's because I care.  I do.  I love my customers, I've made good friends and great connections here.  I do good work.  And occasionally, I lose patience and tell people who are being counterproductive where they can take their processes.

If I were a richer woman, with a little money to blow on something foolish, I’d send myself flowers today.

With a mysterious note that says,

To someone special on her 6th Anniversary…

From your biggest fan.

But since I’m practical, dammit,  I’ll settle for a pretty picture of flowers here.

If I ordered them now, they'd be here by 3PM... just saying.

To someone special (me).  From… her biggest fan (also me)*.


*This year of being my own cheerleader is off to a creepy start, don't you think?